• Noha Badawi

100 things to do while staying at home.

A couple of weeks ago, we've all been faced with the ultimate choice to #StayHome and do everything we used to do on a daily basis from home. Which I'm sure is a difficult routine for many of us. It's only natural that the days start blending with one another, and that you run out of ideas for things you can do to pass the time and take your mind off things. I bring a list of ... things you can do while staying at home; this list was built with many ideas that you guys shared with me and some more.

1. Read a book.

2. Watch a classic movie.

3. Leave a comment on every IG post on your feed.

4. Listen to a full music album.

5. Learn embroidery.

6. Take an art class.

7. Bullet journal your week.

8. Start practicing yoga.

9. Add some embroidery to your favorite top/pants.

10. Declutter one room a day.

11. Re-arrange your bookshelves in a rainbow.

12. Face-time/video call your family and friends.

13. Redecorate your living room.

14. Create a working space corner in the house.

15. Bake a pie.

16. Meditate and take a breath.

17. Watch a movie off your list.

18. Indulge in some DIY projects.

19. Learn how to draw botanicals.

20. Write a gratitude list.

21. Cook a new recipe.

22. Organize your space.

23. Text a friend you haven't talked too in so long.

25. Start a skincare routine.

26. Cuddle with your pet.

27. Make a different salad plate every day.

28. Clean out your closet.

29. Make some popcorns - with different toppings.

30. Light some scented candles around the house.

31. Finish a puzzle.

32. Knit something for next winter.

33. Start a workout routine.

34. Follow through a hair care routine.

35. Listen to audiobooks.

36. Write some daily thoughts.

37. Take a photo of your breakfast every day.

38. Learn crochet.

39. Study a new language.

40. Take some quick online courses.

41. Dry some flowers.

42. Do a face mask.

43. Paint your nails.

44. Try out a new makeup tutorial.

45. Drink a lot of water.

46. Eat a fruit every day.

47. Plan your next trip - for when the time comes to travel again.

48. Go on a virtual museum tour.

49. Explore new blogs.

50. Watch / support creative Youtube channels.

51. Take a quiz to learn your Hogwarts house.

52. Have a #HarryPotter movies marathon.

53. Delete the apps you don't use anymore.

54. Update your social media passwords.

55. Try a new hairstyle.

56. Bring back your curls.

57. Re-organize and declutter your Pinterest boards.

58. Start your own blog.

59. Discover a new podcast.

60. Learn a different word every day.

61. Sleep and relax for a day.

62. Make a "home" music playlist.

63. Write a review for a recent read.

64. Learn calligraphy.

65. Make a list with your favorite quotes.

66. Update your work portfolio.

67. Catch up on your e-mails.

68. Make an ink sketch.

69. Bake a pizza.

70. Take care of your plants.

71. Sit on the couch and do nothing for a day.

72. Make some juice cocktails.

73. Clean-out your paint/makeup brushes.

74. Throw-out expired products.

75. Discover your wand type.

76. Think one positive thought per day.

77. Do a #LordOfTheRings movies marathon.

78. Read a classic book.

79. Declutter your stationery.

80. Mop all the house floors.

81. Practice music.

82. Play online games.

83. Make an art-collage.

84. Plant some herbs/flowers.

85. DIY a ceramic mug.

86. Write a letter for a friend.

87. Watch a documentary.

88. Read/learn about a new myth.

89. Stargaze in the evening.

90. Take care of your mental/physical health.

91. Learn how to knit a scarf.

92. Recycle some old jeans into pouches.

93. Support and share a digital creator's work every day.

94. Make a new online friend.

95. Organize your photos into albums.

96. Declutter your contacts list.

97. Take a photo in your favorite outfit.

98. Read a poem.

99. Drink a cup of coffee by a window.

100. Do a breathing exercise.



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