• Noha Badawi

A daily routine; some quarantine thoughts.

I've been home for +4 weeks now. As a through and through introvert I have to admit the fact that it hasn't been easy at all. These past weeks made me realize that even introverts need to option to go out when they decide to; the lack of options is what made a bit restless to say the least. After a couple of days, I started to do different things out of my routine, break the daily pattern a bit and avoid things to blend together. I started taking more breaks, finishing even more tasks and making a considerable dent in things I wanted to do/practice for so long.

I'm sure many are struggling even more than I am, it is a difficult situation - mentally, physically, financially ... I try my hardest to look at the bright spot - with me staying home I'm taking part into protecting others and protecting my family. And if that's the price of that, I don't mind paying it at all. Thinking positively isn't a perfection and it's not always achievable, but it's a choice to deal with things we never had to deal with before - a choice that can be hard on some days, easy on others. With this choice came a daily routine that I started flowing through to make each day as meaningful as possible - and yes, I'm not going to say 'productive' because we don't have to be productive every single day. Here's a glimpse at how my best days look like;

/ 8:00am - wake up, wash my face and light on the coffee maker.

/ 8:20am - put food for Charlie and stay with him while sipping coffee in the sunlight.

/ 9:00am - make some breakfast and eat while reading a couple of pages or I start scrolling through my phone.

/ 9:45am - change outfits.

/ 10:00am - move to my desk and start going through my to-do & tasks for the day.

/ 12:00pm - take a break and get up to move around a bit, play with Charlie, read ...

/ 12:30pm - get back to my desk and continue work.

/ 2:00pm - start getting lunch ready.

/ 3:00pm - eat lunch while watching TV.

/ 4:00pm - get back to my desk.

/ 6:00pm - Close down my computer and get up to make a snack.

/ 6:30pm - it's reading/drawing/play with Charlie, relax ... time

/ 10:00pm - get to bed and read for a bit.

/ 11:00pm - sleep.

Don't be fooled by how perfect that routine is, because as I said this is my best day. Every day isn't like this, and I don't always follow through but this is how I usually aim for. I hope this inspires you in any way and sparks some positivity in your daily routine. And as always keep spreading magic.



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