• Noha Badawi

Weekend spent in Alexandria!

“Alexandria is the hymn of age and the beloved of history, I don’t know if I’m the one living in it or if it’s living deep inside my soul." - Alexander the Great

Indeed it is.

Being my favorite season, winter always brings me so much excitement and delight. Naturally, to enjoy the best weather, my husband and I, headed to Alexandria to spend the first weekend of December 2019 and it was actually the best decision we made. As well as the perfect opportunity to celebrate his birthday. Today, I thought I'd share with you the highlights of these two days in the hopes that they'll inspire you to go on an adventure of your own.

On Friday 6th, December we hoped on the early morning train heading towards Alexandria. It moved at around 7:30 AM and arrived 2 and half hours later at the Saad Zaghloul Train station. Finding an Uber was super easy, it's a 5 mins drive to our gorgeous hotel (the highlight of the trip, in my opinion).

Paradise Inn, Le Metropole was a travel-back-in-time-and-stay-in-a-palace sort of experience.

The interiors, furniture, colors and whole atmosphere made it feel grand with welcoming staff and the delicious breakfast we enjoyed with a roof-top sea view the next morning.

We spent the two days exploring the beautiful city and trying out different food and drinking coffee around the clock. Trianon & Délices are both a must, their coffees are amazing and both's atmosphere give you all the winter-is vibes. We had lunch at Fish Market, the one at the marina, where you sit to eat the most delicious sea food by the shores of the Mediterranean listening to the waves crashing against the rocks. For dinner, we ordered in from the hotel's room service and I have to admit that they have the best bolognese spaghetti I've ever had. We visited the Great Library of Alexandria - and trust me I felt like a kid wanting to touch and read every single book in there - and we took stroll in the Antoniades Garden. It was refreshing to just walk around among greenery with a few roman / greek pillars here and there but I was sad for how not well-kept the place was, I wish they make it more beautiful one day. Another stroll was by the sea shore - the Alexandria corniche - and it was just splendid. You can watch the sunset, wander at the stories of the people walking by, watching the boats - old and new - floating around. Maybe have some ice-cream or grilled corn along the walk.

Definitely, the best weekend in December and I'm looking forward to going back and revisiting soon.



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