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Aru Shah and the End of time by Roshani Chokshi

Are you a fan of #mythology and Looking for an entertaining adventure alongside a young girl wanting only to make her mom proud and prove herself to everyone ?

#AruShahandtheEndofTime is definitely your gateway to that adventure.

I don't think there'll ever come a time, when #RickRiordan writes a book that I won't enjoy. He has super powers to make the most entertaining adventures even more thrilling and the most funny dialogues even more hilarious; and #RoshaniChokshi got it from him and made it all the more remarkable.

Aru Shah is a 12 years old who's got a tendency to always stretch the truth and let it run wild with her imagination to fit in more at school. While her schoolmates are flying off to family vacations around the world, she's spending her autumn break at home waiting for her mom to return from her latest archaeological trip. When we say home, we mean "The Museum of Ancient Indian Art & Culture".

Now imagine a kid who lived all her life in such a museum, surrounded by tales, myths and stories of legends, heroes and royalty; it's no wonder that Aru makes up her own stories about being royalty, traveling to Paris, and having a chauffeur?

One day, to prove herself to her schoolmates she told them a tale about the museum's lamp of Bharata being cursed, and they dared her to prove it. Just a quick light, Aru thinks. Then she can get herself out of this mess and never ever lie again. But as naively as possible, Aru doesn't think about the dire consequences of lighting the lamp. She unwittingly frees the Sleeper, an ancient demon whose duty it is to awaken the God of Destruction. Her classmates and beloved mother are frozen in time, and it's up to Aru to save them.

The only way to stop the demon is to find the reincarnations of the five legendary Pandava brothers, protagonists of the Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata, and journey through the Kingdom of Death. But how is one girl in Spider-Man pajamas supposed to do all that?

Aru Shah and the End of Time, Roshani Chokshi , Rick Riordan Presents, March 27th 2018,  ISBN:  9781368012355 , Hardcover, Rating: ★★★★, 355 pages.

The last pages of this book left me thirsty for an adventure, to do something absolutely unique and remarkable that years later i'll be proud of; something to change the world.

I fell in love with our main character from the first words, I loved how quirky she was, thirsty for adventure, unique and princess-ish pretending to always go on an adventure of a lifetime. I related to her desire to fit in at school, and her want to be a normal person just like all the other kids with normal lives and families.

School can be extremely tough on kids these days, it makes them do things they didn't want to do in the first place, it makes them be someone they didn't want to become. I thought that Roshani did an excellent job representing every kid's struggle in today's community with Aru's character.

“Sometimes you don't even know how special you might be. Sometimes it takes moments of horror or happiness to, if you will, unleash that knowledge.” 

And if we look at Mini's character, you find that you're totally impressed by the chemistry between her and Aru but also by how completely opposites they are. They complete each other and get the best out of one another, supporting one another to do great things.

Every of their friendship was goals; girls supporting girls to become the best girls!

An amazing example for every single girl growing up, to have the back of her sister, and to the backbone she needs in this life.

The Mythology part is super awesome.

Greek mythology, we read about it a lot ! Or to be perfectly right, Rick Riordan made us experts in that area. But when it comes to Hindu gods, I was completely new to that topic and it was super thrilling, satisfying and fresh to read something entirely new to me and feel the need to do more research and read more about it. It added an amazing touch and a rich tone to the story.



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