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  • Noha Badawi

First breath of Fall playlist.

Fall 2019 | warm in the morning, cool and breezy at night. Orange, brown leaves falling all around you with the smell fresh wood in the air, messy hair, oversized Weasley sweatshirt, having pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast with a marshmallow hot chocolate and that big book on your lap.

Nobody could be happier than me that summer is finally over and that we could breathe a little bit of fresh air, cuddle up at night and enjoy the coolness. It's time to get out your favorite oversized sweatshirt, pick up a huge fantasy book, dive into reading with a huge pumpkin spice late (forever a Starbucks favorite.)

Now, I bet you're already in a good mood, but just to add that last sprinkle of spices, I've put together a playlist for you to enjoy on Spotify. I've been listening to them on and on again and the combination put me in such a great mood, I could almost feel myself living in the mountain forests, enjoying nature and basking in the fall breeze.

in this shirt, the irrepressible

lost without you, freya ridings

from gold, novo amor

birds, imagine dragons

love song, lana del rey

weather, novo amor

patricia (acoustic), florence + the machine

cold, james blunt

which witch, florence + the machine

Happy fall ! 🍂