• Noha Badawi

Places of history | #1

Every corner of the world is marked with a story; uniquely shaping its own history.

Walking through the halls of an old palace, a museum, an old temple; you hear voices whispering, telling you the tales of the old, you feel the years, the memories and the events vibrating through the walls and it's a moment to document.

April 2019, I took a trip to the old palace of "#AishaFamhy" in Cairo. A place were part of the Mohamed Ali's family history is inked in every wall and memories stroked within each painting.

The place gives you an out-of-fairytales vibes the minute you step inside; the chandeliers falling from the painted ceiling and the large white-marble stairs swirling to the next level with engraved gold leaves twirling all around it. Each room, holds a memory from the royal family; rulers, their children and wives... a history told through artifacts and paintings. 

If you're looking to spend the day inside a story, just you and the the words all around you and a camera this place is definitely should be on your radar.

"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on." - Irving Berlin



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