• Noha Badawi

Shots with stories to tell 1.0

There's magic when it comes to telling stories. It's like your brain suddenly whispered a mystery to you and the spark of recognition lit up your soul; you feel a connection impossible to break and the words burst out.

Nothing inspires stories more than a stroll around an old city, watching people, walking in the streets, passing by old houses and feeling the rhythm of life beating all around it. With a camera strapped around my neck, I took a stroll in the streets of Zamalek, Cairo and stumbled upon scenes signing to me about the history weaved within. It was impossible to resist capturing them in the moment and looking at them for hours later on to figure out what they whispered to me.

For me they were a beginning. The first words in a story waiting to be told, if I'd begin it just being inspired by this it would be:

"It aches.

My heart, that is!

Years have passed by and here I am sipping coffee in the same place as every winter morning.

You see, I always sit across from this beautiful corner couch; eyes roaming over the details waiting for my mother's voice to sing again. In my head, the fabric held all our memories within every flower; the mornings we spent here, the nights we met up to hide from the rain, the music we listened to and the books we discussed.

Years gone by, yet the memories are fresh, the sounds are sharp and the music is still echoing in my ears.

With tears running down my face, I picked up my pen and started writing ...

It aches you see.

But it's time!

Time to tell the story of the strongest woman I've ever known."

I knew it couldn't be just me, so I went along and asked you guys on #instagram how would begin a story inspired by this photo and the most beautiful stories breathed their first words.

& There begins the series of #shotswithstoriestotell ; not one person could read or tell the same story just like the other. We're all different and unique in how we see the world.

Some reminisced memories with their grandparents, some talked to the devil, some heard music coming out of the vintage fabrics and others told the story of the chair; wood being carved and they are all oh so very inspiring. 

Stories deserve to be told, and I want to do my fair share in telling them and spreading what you beautiful people are courageous to tell.

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